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"The browser is our portal onto the Internet. But is also one of the main ways that cyber criminals and scammers can reach us and our personal information.  Its important for your personal security, and that of the Internet as a whole, that you update to the latest version of whichever Web browser you are running, in order to get the latest protection against fraud and online crime",  David Jevans, Chairman, Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG).

" Browsers have started competing over privacy, offering new privacy controls and protections for users.  Users who don't upgrade to the latest versions of their browsers are missing out on the chance to learn about what they can do to take better control of their browsing", said Jules Polonetsky, Co-Chair and Director, Future of Privacy Forum. "OTA's efforts are an important step in helping businesses protect users and their data."

"Engaging the end-user is critical to our success in providing a safe and secure environment for digital communication and commerce.  We applaud the OTA for its leadership on the 'Why Your Browser Matters' initiative.  It's an important step in educating consumers on ways they can safeguard their privacy and protect themselves from malicious activity,"  said David Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer, Message Systems.

"Through our partnership with OTA, Microsoft is working to help make the web a safer place and raise consumer awareness of the importance of having a secure modern browser. A browser is the first line of defense against online attacks, and a modern browser built upon a modern operating system like Windows 7 is best equipped to help protect people from the online threats they face today," Ryan Gavin, General Manager, Windows Internet Explorer, Microsoft Corporation.

"PayPal supports OTA's efforts to educate consumers about the need to install regular updates to their computer systems and web browsers," said Michael Barrett, Chief Information Security Officer at PayPal.  "These updates are part of a critical routine that consumers should follow to stay safe online.  PayPal is happy to work with other industry leaders in this initiative as part of our comprehensive approach to online security."

"PrivacyChoice is delighted to work with OTA and the browser community to advance best practices to make the internet more secure and more private.  Our browser upgrade prompt is an example of a key tool publishers can easily implement on their site. Few privacy options are as straightforward or powerful as a simple browser upgrade. It's a win for consumers and a win for publishers, who can deliver a better online experience," said Jim Brock CEO, PrivacyChoice.

"Why your browser matters is an incredibly important initiative which will educate users on the importance of having the most up-to-date browser of their choice.  From a font-end developers point of view this will help expedite the recognition and penetration of standards compliant browsers.  Having the confidence that users are browsers are standards compliant will allow us to develop and deploy with little to no browser specific hacks along with using the latest technologies that are available (HTML5) ," Mark McCartney, Director, Interactive Development, Publishers Clearing House.

"The browser is the primary gateway to the internet for every consumer and business user.  Using a current  browser  is paramount to defend users and businesses against the dangers of malware, identity theft, and phishing.  Return Path shares the goal to promote awareness and help educate users to upgrade their browser to realize the benefits of more secure and private browsing.  OTA's collaborative effort is a milestone for industry, business and government to work together for the common good of the Internet," said Sam Masiello, General Manger and Chief Security Officer, Return Path, Inc.

"Today's Web browsers offer a number of features designed to mitigate the risk of malware, phishing, and other threats," said Maxim Weinstein, executive director of StopBadware. "This initiative should have a marked impact on the front line of privacy and security for Internet users."

"Symantec supports this effort and applauds the OTA's leadership on the topic.  Modern browsers provide significant value, for all users, especially in the areas of security and privacy.  For example, modern browsers help protect users from phishing sites and malicious downloads while supporting industry standards such as EV SSL certificates.  We recommend that users update their browser of choice to the latest version available," said Fran Rosch, VP, Trust Services at Symantec.

"We support consumers using the most up to date browsers so that they can avail themselves to the privacy choices and protections now available, including for example, Do Not Track Headers and Tracking Protection Lists that TRUSTe supports.  As a  founding member of OTA we believe teachable moments along with intuitive and layered privacy notices providing consumer choice is critical to maintaining online trust.", Fran Maier, President TRUSTe.

"The browser is the first and most critical line of defense," said Craig Spiezle, Executive Director of the Online Trust Alliance.  "While antivirus solutions and patches are critical, the OTA has prioritized browsers as the most important step to protect users. This initiative is a proactive move to increase online safety, trust and confidence for all users."

Initial Supporters *

Anti Phishing Working Group Intersections
Center for Democracy & Technology Mark Monitor Inc.
Future of Privacy Forum Message Systems
Identity Theft Council Microsoft Corporation
National Cyber Forensics & Training Alliance PayPal Inc.
National Cyber Security Alliance PrivacyChoice
StopBadware Publishers Clearing House
  Return Path Inc.
OTA Member Companies Symantec
Constant Contact TRUSTe
DigiCert Inc. TrustSphere
Internet Identity  
* The "Why Your Browser Matters" working group is open to all organizations, non-profits and government agencies who share OTA's mission to improve online trust and confidence. Non-member company participants include Google, Mozilla & Opera. 

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