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2014 Data Privacy Day
Safeguarding Data, Respecting Privacy, & Enabling TrustData Privacy Day

Keep Your Business From Becoming the next Target, Adobe or Snapchat!
The 2014 Data Privacy-Protection Day (DpD) program provides businesses with prescriptive advice in order to navigate complex security and data privacy issues while enhancing brand trust and product innovation. 2014 marks the fourth year that the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) has hosted Town Hall events and breach readiness training workshops to aid industry and provide prescriptive advice. In 2014, OTA hosted interactive town halls and breach response training workshops in NYC, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC.

"Data Privacy Day" promotes collaboration among governments, industry, academia, nonprofits, privacy professionals and the business community.  OTA's Town Hall events included international leaders in privacy and security with participation from the Federal Trade Commission, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Secret Service and the State Attorney General's offices in each city.  Speaker & Bios >



  • To prepare for data breaches loss incidents

  • Proactively learn how to effectively work with law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

  • To understand how to protect consumer, business and sensitive data.

  • To learn how to navigate the privacy landscape by enhancing consumer notice and choice.

  • To customize your privacy settings on the leading mobile platforms and devices, enhancing the protection of your business data and employees’ privacy.

  • Meet and network with, peers,  leading experts & speakers

  • Earn up to 5  International Association of Privacy Professional (IAPP)  CPE credits.


  • Beyond the Privacy Policy: Moving From Compliance to Stewardship. Session will explore key issues as they relate to the collection, use and sharing of consumer data. Speakers will discuss the evolving definition of privacy, data stewardship, demands for consumer control, and best practices for self-regulation. Attendees will gain an understanding of the evolving regulatory landscape including issues and opportunities with mobile, geo-location, device fingerprinting, facial recognition and other emerging technologies.

  • Security by Design: What Businesses Should Know To Help From Becoming A Statistic.  This session will review key challenges and steps to enhance data and brand protection. Speakers will discuss common mistakes that led to major data breaches and easy steps that business should do in the event that a breach occurs. Highlights from the OTA 2014 Data Protection and Incident Response Guide will be outlined and speakers will provide actionable advice to better protect data, including best practices in customer notifications, identity theft remediation and working with law enforcement.

  • BYOD and Mobile Device Optimization. Whether you have a company provided work phone, are responsible for managing your company BYOD policy or are a consumer with the latest smartphone, it is important to know how you can optimize the privacy and security settings on your mobile device. From enabling geo-location tracking, password locks to clearing cookies and sharing contacts and your microphone, this session will demonstrate how to customize your mobile phone settings, while enhancing your privacy and harnessing the power of  innovative new services, applications and device features.

  • Breach Readiness Planning Workshop (afternoon optional session, closed to the press)
    This 2 ½ hour workshop will present the fundamentals of how a business should maximize the protection data and how to be prepared for the likelihood of breach incident.  Based on the OTA 2014 Data Protection and Incident Response Guideline, the workshop will run through key steps that all businesses should take to respond to an incident including customers and media communications,. This workshop will include a breach response exercise to illustrate the impact and business shock arising from a breach incident.  Attendees will gain the knowledge of how to better manage their data strategy and be prepared for a loss.  It is not if, but when a loss will occur!

2014 Data Privacy Day


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Updated January 29,, 2014