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Committee membership is open to all OTA members and sponsors.  To join the OTA member discussion list, click here, (requires use of company email domain and moderator approval). Chatman House Rule applies to member discussions to encourage an open dialog and data sharing.

  • Advertising & Content Publishing Supply Chain Security  (Anti-Malvertising)
    Mission - To develop and promote voluntary best practices and guidelines; develop standardized metrics, report and facilitate data sharing and collaboration with industry and law enforcement; advance technical counter measures and solutions to help detect, mitigate and block threats; protect the vitality of advertising supported online services.

    Co-Chairs: Summer Koide of ZEDO & Elias Manousos, RiskIQ

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  • Botnet Multi-Stakeholder Working Group
    Mission - To develop best practices to help prevent, detect, notify, remediate and recover from the threats of botnets and related malware.

    Co-Chairs: Kevin Sullivan, Microsoft Corporation, William Wright, Symantec and Brendan Ziolo of Alcatel-Lucent.

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  • Data Protection & Breach Readiness Planning
    The development and advancement of best practices and prescriptive advice to enhance data protection practices and promote data loss and breach incident planning.

    Co Chairs:
    Aaron Weller - Managing Director, National Data Protection & Privacy Practice - PwC
    Tim Rohrbaugh - CSO Intersections Inc. (Board Member)

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  • Education / Programming & Training
    Mission - To develop educational priorities and strategies to provide actionable and prescriptive advise to members, business and industry through collaborative efforts and events with other OTA committees and OTA member organizations.

    Chair: Jeff Wilbur, VP Marketing, Iconix (Board Member)

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  • Email Security Committee
    Mission - To promote adoption of email security, sending and authentication best practices for all classes of email senders and receivers including interactive marketers, ISPs, enterprise and government agencies.  Goals include increasing the integrity and trust of legitimate email, while reducing spear phishing, spam and social engineered email exploits.

    Chair:  Ken Takahashi, Return Path (Board Member)
    Co-Chairs, Mike Jones (Agari), Roland Turner (TrustSphere)
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  • Infrastructure & SSL Best Practices
    - To advance best practices to help protect critical infrastructure from exploits and vulnerabilities and increase resiliency, supporting identity, authentication, brand protection, anti-fraud and trust mechanisms.  Scope includes tracking adoption, highlighting both current and emerging best practices, developing business and technical value propositions and providing tools, outreach and resources to advance adoption. OTA discussion list for OTA members who are service or cloud providers and concerned about the integrity and security of their services and supply chain.  All information discussed is considered OTA member confidential.

    Chair: Geoff Noakes, Symantec  (Board Member)

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  • International
    Mission - To stimulate the international online trust discussion by creating partnerships and cooperating with stakeholders worldwide (e.g. governmental bodies, consumer and industry organizations, thought leaders and multiple disciplines within companies). Online trust is an international issue that transcends individual interests and geographical boundaries. OTA provides a worldwide perspective on best practices around online trust. Representatives from OTA are regularly invited to engage in policy discussions and to speak at international events. 

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  • Public Policy & Legislation
    Mission - The Public Policy Committee works with industry, government, and consumer groups to help educate stakeholders and promote the adoption of best practices designed to enhance online safety, privacy and trust.  Building on the OTA's founding mission and unique membership, the committee facilitates mutual respect, and effective communication and collaboration between all online stakeholders.

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Revised August 21, 2013