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Blog posts for January 2016

Getting Ready for the 2016 Online Trust Audit

Updated - February 15, 2016

Got Trust?  The Online Trust Audit continues to serve as benchmark of security, privacy and consumer protection best practices for organizations throughout the world.  Consistent with OTA's view such standards and practices need to continually evolve to reflect the threat landscape, new standards and regulatory requirements, this year's methodology and scoring is being updated.

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Donor Data; the New Currency for Presidential Candidates, Time for ethical data privacy practice

Voter data is the new currency and candidates are reaping the rewards targeting voters and ultimately determining who will be the next President. As we have transformed into a data driven society and economy this may be expected. But the candidate’s privacy and data practices in both the news headlines and in the backroom are not.  As we head into the State primaries and caucuses, this data is proving to be invaluable.

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