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It Sees You When You're Sleeping, It Knows When You're Awake

I love my fitness tracker.  Not only does it affirm me (I met my today’s goal!), it also supports my inner narrative (of course I’m cranky – I slept badly last night… be nice to me).  Last holiday season it was the gift I didn’t even know I wanted until I got it.  This year, we’re both older and wiser. Trust in our relationship has shifted from blind innocence to practical, mature action.  I’ve come to realize more and more about how my device gathers, transmits and stores reams of personal data on me and my habits.

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Sen Franken Calls DOJ to Shut Down Stalking Apps

Sen. Al Franken is pushing the Justice Department to do more to protect smartphone users from "stalking apps" that surreptitiously track their targets. In a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday, Franken noted the department's work on the issue - including the recent indictment of a man who operated one spyware app, StealthGenie - but said it needs to go further. OTA supports this effort. Share your views and interest in signing on in support of this effort. Read more >
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