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Nest Alert: Protection From Pwned* Passwords

A colleague just received an “Urgent Security Alert - Action Requested” email from Nest (see the image below). At first glance it looked like either a phishing attempt or one of the way-too-often breach notifications we all receive these days.

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Space Invaders - Consumer-Grade IoT in the Enterprise

I used to love the old Space Invaders arcade game - waves of enemy attackers came in faster and faster while you tried to defend your base. With experience you could learn their tactics and get pretty adept at stopping them. For today’s enterprise IT staff, consumer-grade IoT devices must certainly feel like those space invaders of old.

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The Cyber Incident Tsunami - Time to Get Ready

In advance of Data Privacy & Protection Day, we just released the Cyber Incident & Breach Trends Report (press release here), a look back at the cyber incident trends in 2017 and what can be done to address them.

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2017 Online Trust Audit Released - What Did We Learn?

Today we released the 9th annual Online Trust Audit and Honor Roll. This year’s Audit is our most comprehensive ever, assessing more than 1000 consumer-facing sites for their adoption of best practices in consumer/brand protection, site security and responsible privacy practices.

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Don’t Be a Tool – Verifying Subscriptions and Honoring Unsubscribes

This summer the email marketing industry suffered a setback due to “list bomb” attacks in which thousands of targeted users were unknowingly subscribed to tens of thousands of mailings. In these attacks, ESP infrastructure and highly-reputed brands were used as a means to effectively create a “denial of service” against user inboxes, and email originating from many ESPs and brands was blocked by Spamhaus until the situation was better understood. Could this have been prevented?

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