2012 OTA Forum

 The Future of Online Trust & Self-Regulation
The 2012 Forum is an interactive combination of keynotes, practical panels and workshops addressing key issues and opportunities including mobile, privacy, security, identity and brand protection.   With the increased reliance of the internet for our personal and business activities, the Forum will focus on best practices and the importance of putting the user first including; transparency, choice and control; data retention & security; stewardship and accountability. Speakers will review and critique best practices providing attendees prescriptive and actionable advice.

Over 50 Speakers - Thought Leaders in The Public & Private Sectors
FTC Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen, Howard Schmidt former White House Cybersecurity Coordinator and others

Photo Highlights     l     Presentations
Maureen K. Ohlhausen Commissioner, U.S Federal Trade Commission Michael Barrett Debra Bowen, Calif Secretary of State JimDempsey, SVP Public Policy, Center for Demoracy & Technology Howard Schmidt * (invited)  

Why Attend

"If you are able to consistently deliver relevant content to your customers, then you’re building a mutually beneficial relationship and building customer loyalty. However, as with every powerful technology, you have to be mindful of HOW to use it and understand which data is actionable for a company and helpful to the end customer, " says Neil Capel, entrepreneur and CEO, Sailthru. See Wednesday Best Practices to Building Trust Session)

“Compliance is not enough; we still see many examples of companies causing themselves additional damage when they have an issue because of the clumsy way that they handle it,” says Aaron Weller, Managing Director,Data Protection & Privacy | PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.  Hear more at the Tuesday session Making Sense of the Convergence of Privacy & Big Data

“There are significant deficiencies in the current ID system that are inefficient, insecure, and don’t provide robust solutions for privacy and security. Both the public and private sectors need to incorporate privacy protection into the credentials of personal identities to protect online personas and to make consumers and companies feel secure transacting in the digital economy,” said James Elste, Principal, INOV8V CyberCQRT, State of Nevada NSTIC Team.  See Trust in the Cloud Breakout

"Participation at the OTA Forums has been an invaluable source of knowledge, networking and industry guidance. The forums are packed full of current and applicable content that allows us to mange our business to adhere to all the known regulations,  best practices, thought leadership and trust", David Fowler, Chief Privacy & Deliverability Officer Act-On Software

Author Keynotes & Book Signings
Kevin Poulsen
The Final Jeopardy
Stephen Baker
Identity Shift
Kevin Easterwood

Do not miss these thought provoking sessions from leading authors and researchers.  Gain insights into cybersecurity, big data, privacy and identity issues and help enhance online trust and your brand reputation.

Gain insights in the cybercrime underworld with Kevin Poulsen;  understand the impact of big data, artificial intelligence and the harvesting of individuals data with Stephen Baker and learn how identity meets technology in the networked-community age with Kevin Easterwood.

 Over 100 Reasons to Attend


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