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Valimail provides visibility into email cloud services, enhanced email deliverability, and protection against phishing through the world’s first Email Authentication as a Service™. Built from the ground up for today’s cloud-centric architecture, Valimail’s solutions are delivered as a service with no software to install, no changes to end user behaviour, and instant results. Based on open email authentication standards (SPF/DKIM/DMARC), and working with the world’s largest ISPs (Gmail, Hotmail, Y!Mail, AOL, etc), Valimail’s solution covers 85%+ of all consumer mailboxes (2.5Bn mailboxes globally). Valimail works in conjunction with, and is a natural fit for Email Solution Providers, ISPs, DNS management vendors, and email security firms. Leading brands such as Uber, Edmodo, and Wix already use our service to provide visibility into their email ecosystem, gain better deliverability, and stop phishing attacks on their consumers, brand and employees.

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