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Jun 11, 2014

When it comes to safety on the web, consumers distrust a full 70% of websites to safeguard their privacy and data security. But according to the Online Trust Alliance (OTA), some are doing a good job: notably Twitter, which once again headlines the “Honor Roll” of the web’s most trustworthy sites.


Jun 11, 2014

FIRST LOOK: FEDERAL SITES LAG IN SECURITY – The most-visited websites of U.S. government agencies lag behind non-government sites in security, including email authentication protocols, according to a forthcoming report.

Jun 11, 2014

We are a connected world. Whether we like it or not, the Internet fuels businesses around the globe with lightning fast payment processing, the availability and convenience of cloud-based software and daily communications through email, instant message and social media.

Jun 11, 2014
Destination CRM.com
The Online Trust Alliance, a nonprofit organization that aims to improve online security, has revealed the findings of its 2014 Online Trust Audit—an evaluation of the top 800 consumer Web sites. Of the sites evaluated, 30.2 percent were named to the Honor Roll, including American Greetings, Netflix, the Christian Book Distributors, Sony Electronics, and Ancestry.com, which took the top five spots.

Jun 11, 2014
With online security and privacy quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of a user's browsing experience, controversies over spying on citizens and viruses that have plagued users for the past 14 months, the OTA Honor Roll has released its latest list of the most trustworthy consumer sites......

Jun 11, 2014
Washington Business Journal

More than a quarter of federal websites fail to take the necessary steps to prevent intruders from intercepting data entered by citizens, according to a new study, Nextgov reports. Federal sites scored 10 percent lower than online banking services and social media networks at site security and server configuration, researchers at the Online Trust Alliance discovered. The study looked at 50 cabinet-level and other high-traffic, consumer-oriented federal websites, as well as purported federal sites set up by fraudsters.

Jun 11, 2014
The Online Trust Alliance, sees online data breeches and privacy fumbles in much the same way an environmentalist might view chemical leaks or oil spills. There are the headline-grabbing catastrophes: last year’s theft of credit and debit card information from Target; this year’s Heartbleed vulnerability, for example. Then there are the smaller breaches that don’t get much attention, but which still cause cumulative harm

May 29, 2014
Hidden malware within ads on websites has advertisers scrambling to come up with a coordinated response. Online ads can be annoying, but increasingly they're malicious, too. In the wake of a highly publicized "malvertising" incident last December, during which attackers were able to deliver malware through online ads published on Yahoo.com, that question is now top of mind for some.

May 23, 2014
Danger lurks in the wired world and consumers have only a vague notion of just how treacherous the Internet has become, according to Craig Spiezle, a former Microsoft executive turned white knight of the wired world determined to protect consumers and the integrity of the Internet and the viability of the “wired economy.”

May 20, 2014
Partners With RiskIQ and the Online Trust Alliance to Protect Brands Online and Safeguard Media Investments
Simpli.fi, the programmatic marketing platform that leverages unstructured data, has further highlighted its commitment to online security and campaign integrity. The company today announces that it is working with RiskIQ, to combat malware in digital advertising