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OTA SPF & DMARC Resources & Tools

The value of DMARC is growing rapidly with leading MTA vendors providing inbound checking to help protect businesses and government agencies from the threat of spear phishing and malicious email.  The following is a summary of support.  Send updates to admin@otalliance.org

OTA SPF & DMARC Text Record Validator (evaluates DNS records for selected domains)

DMARC Tools & Resources

Google Docs

Microsoft Office 365

Symantec Cloud

SPF & DKIM Tools & Reflectors


Summary of Email Authentication Standards & Normative References (updated March 2014)

Open SPF - Established in late 2004, the SPF Council continues its efforts to make SPF a widely accepted standard on the Internet 

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) - DKIM is a cryptographic signature-based email authentication standard for for validating a domain identity that is associated with a message.  The base DKIM specification has been approved by IETF as a proposed standard; answers to DKIM FAQ.  Historically, DKIM is a synthesis of earlier specifications from Yahoo! (DomainKeys) and Cisco (Identified Internet Mail).